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If you don't regularly backup your PhonePad data then you're setting yourself up for disaster. Data loss can occur at any time for any number of reasons. The DBBackup utility included with PhonePad makes it easy to backup your data, but remembering to back up your data on a regular basis is another thing. Let AutoBackup take the worry out of backing up your data. Set your back up schedule and then let AutoBackup handle your backups for you. Set and forget. A really handy feature of AutoBackup is, unlike other backup software, it can backup your PhonePad data while users are still using PhonePad! They don't have to be logged out. AutoBackup is a Windows service so it's always running, even if the machine isn't logged in. AutoBackup Manager (included with AutoBackup) allows you to manage your backup schedule, view the backup logs, and easily restore your data from backup if you need to.
AutoBackup Manager's backup log The Backup Log shows all of AutoBackup's activity. If AutoBackup encounters any problems it will display them here.
AutoBackup Manager's list of backups The Backup Files screen lists all of the backups that have been performed automatically for you. You can also restore your backed up data from this screen.
AutoBackup Manager's Settings Screen The Settings screen is where you configure AutoBackup and set up your backup schedule. You can backup once a week, or every day if you like. The Retry on Failure option tells AutoBackup to try performing a backup again if it fails the first time due to network issues or some other problem. With the latest version of AutoBackup, you can now receive notifications on your cell/mobile phone when a backup has been completed, or if it fails.
AutoBackup installs as a Windows service on your Server or Host PC. You only need one copy. Just install it and then forget about it, knowing it's taking care of your valuable PhonePad data. The best time to get AutoBackup is now. Don't put it off until it's too late. IMPORTANT UPDATE: A trial version of AutoBackup is now available. Download it now and try it for free for 30 days. Buy AutoBackup now for just $47.00 (only one license required per PhonePad site).
The lastest release of PhonePad AutoBackup is Version 2.4.2.
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