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PhonePad Starts With Blank Screen?

When PhonePad starts you should normally be prompted to enter your username and password, unless you have automatic login enabled.

If PhonePad starts with no login window and displays just a blank main window (and possibly a remote login window) then something is definitely wrong.  And that “wrong” is more than likely anti-virus software on your Server or Host PC intefering with one of PhonePad’s files: ConfigModule.dll.

PhonePad Phone Log

We have seen this happen with the Kapersky security software.  It thinks that the file is infected and deletes it, causing the PhonePad startup problem.  We used the Kapersky Labs online scanner and it has cleared the file, so we’re not sure why it still identifies it as suspicious.

We also used Virus Total to check ConfigModule.dll with other virus scanners.

As you can see, it clears all scans.  We are working with Kapersky Labs to get this problem resolved.  A new article on this topic has been added to the Knowledge Base.


Kapersky Labs have now resolved this issue in an update.  If you are still experiencing the problem you may need to update to the Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 edition.


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