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After a user guide or manual for PhonePad? You're in the right place.

PhonePad 5

PhonePad 5 User Guide - Download. PhonePad 5 Admin Guide - Download.

PhonePad 4

PhonePad User Guide - Download. PhonePad Admin User Guide - Download. PhonePad Upgrade Guide - Download. Setting Up PhonePad for Remote Mode on Your Network - Download. Setting Up PhonePad for Remote Access Over the Internet - Download. ServerManager User Guide - Download. DBConnect User Guide - Download. DBBackup User Guide - Download. DBRepair User Guide - Download. WhereRU User Guide - Download. MessageSender Manual - Download. Setting Up MessageSender with a GMail Account - Download. Outlook Import User Guide - Download. Using Centralized Preferences - Download. To download the guide or manual you're after, right-click on the link and select Save As from the popup menu (or Save Link As, depending on the browser you are using).
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