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PhonePad has a very easy to use interface. Using the multi-tab toolbar or menus you can quickly access PhonePad's many features. You can also right-click your mouse for popup menus. There are multiple ways to access PhonePad's features. Use the method that is most comfortable for you.
PhonePad is packed full of features to make your life easier.
Easy to Use
Each user has their own Inbox
Sent Folder
Free Form Text Messages
Familiar Phone Message Look
Rich Text Messages
Spell Checking
Multiple Message Interface
Forward and Reply
Message Receipts
Caller AutoComplete
Caller Time Lookup
Multiple Recipients
Status Bar
Login Options
Your Data is Safe
Address Book
Access Other Inboxes
Sortable Message Lists
Staff Availability
Import Address Book Entries
Export Address Book Entries
Message Notification
Undelete Messages
Message Archiving
Message Printing
Automatic Message Forwarding
User Preferences
Startup Options
Message Follow Up
Inbox Message Filtering
Phone Number Dialing
Caller ID
Remote Connectivity
Data Backup and Restore
Runs on Any Windows Network
Pays for Itself in No Time
We’re Here to Help
Plus Lots More
Free 60 Day Trial
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PhonePad is a risk-free proposition. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to start reaping the benefits of PhonePad. That's why we give you a whole two (2) months to try PhonePad free of charge. That's right. There's no cost to you to download PhonePad, install it on your network, and start using it today. No money up front. No committment. If you still like PhonePad by the end of the trial period, or even before, you can purchase PhonePad and continue seamlessly. There's nothing else to install - just a license key that will change your trial version into a fully licensed one. Why not get started today?
There are lots more features not covered here, and more are being added all the time. We don't want you to be here all day reading them, so why not discover them for yourself by downloading the trial version.
Did we mention support? We support our products so you're not alone. Please…yell out if you have problems or need help. We’re happy to help you.
PhonePad can cost as little as $9 per user. In most cases it will pay for itself in a week, often much less. After that, you will continue to benefit from improved productivity and time savings. Just think. You buy PhonePad today and a week later, you've already made your money back. Awesome.
PhonePad will run on virtually any PC-based network, from Local Area Networks to Peer-to-Peer Networks. As long as your computers are interconnected in some way, you can use PhonePad. Have a server? Don't have a server? It doesn't matter.
Hardware can fail at any time so keep your data safe. PhonePad 5’s automatic backup system backs up your valuable data every night without you even having to think about it.  It can even back up your data while users are logged in and using PhonePad!
Not only can you send and receive messages across your peer-to-peer or local area network, you can also do it across wide area networks and even the Internet! Working from home, a remote office, or on the road? You can remotely connect to your office network and access all of your phone messages. Please note that this does take some IT skills to set up.
Connect a compatible device to your computer and you can use PhonePad's built-in Caller ID features. PhonePad will keep a record of all calls you have received, even if you're not there. See who's calling before answering the phone. If the caller is in PhonePad's Address Book, the caller's details will be automatically displayed. Return a call by selecting the number from the Call History list.
If you have a voice modem attached to your computer, PhonePad can return calls for you by dialing the phone number in a message. Just one click.
Looking for a message?  Every message list has built-in search functionality so you can search for messages within the list. Or you can the main Search option to easily search through all messages. Search by caller name, company, phone number, and even text within a message. You can also search archived messages.
Display only the messages you want to see by using the handy message filtering option, eg. all unread messages, all messages that haven't been followed up, etc. You can even set a default filter to be applied when you start up PhonePad. For example, you may want to only see new messages.
Follow Up features help you remember to follow up phone calls, and to track the progress of all follow up action. Mark messages to be followed up. Mark messages when follow up has been completed. Keep comprehensive notes on all action taken. If the message is sent to multiple users, each user can add follow up notes and read the notes added by other users.
Create folders to organize your messages. Make them public folders so all users can access them, or make them private so only you can. You can set PhonePad to move messages automatically to folders when they have been read, or when follow up action has been completed.
Administrators are spoilt in PhonePad 5 with our whole host of admin features. Manage users, give them access to other users’ folders, set restrictions to the Address Book, archive messages, run reports, manage backups, set up system-wide system rules, communication options, notifications and even update to newer versions.
Run PhonePad as a standard Windows application or as a system tray application. Run PhonePad manually or have it start automatically whenever Windows starts.
With a whole host of user preferences, you can customize many of PhonePad's features to your heart's content. There are dozens and dozens of options you can set to get PhonePad humming along the way you like it.
You can even receive your phone messages when you're out of the office. Set up PhonePad to automatically forward your messages to an email address or even your mobile/cell phone using SMS* or Pushover. You can configure this feature to only forward urgent messages, only forward between certain hours, or outside of certain hours, and more. This is also useful when you are taking messages for someone who is not a PhonePad user. Supports multiple email addresses and mobile/cell phone numbers. Now you can even send messages to your mobile devices using the Pushover service. Please note that this feature requires MessageSender. * The SMS message facility requires an account with a 3rd party SMS gateway provider.
A range of printing options enables you to print off a single message or multiple messages. Print from one message a page to four messages a page. Print a list of all messages in your Inbox. You can print to paper, or export to RTF or PDF.
Archiving your data every now and then is a good practice. Administrators can archive message at any time. But you can still access the messages if neeeded. And they can be unarchived when necessary. Messages can also be exported to text files for storage and archival purposes.
Uh oh. Did someone accidentally delete a message they meant to keep? Was it really important? No problem. All of your deleted messages go into your Deleted folder.  Just select a message and click Undelete.
Let PhonePad alert you whenever you receive a new message. Choose from the various notification methods like popup messages, notification balloons, flashing icons, etc. PhonePad can even play a WAV file when a new message is received. There are 30 sounds included but you can easily add your own.
If you need to import your Address Book caller details into other applications, or if you just want an offline backup, you can export your Address Book data to text files.
If you're moving over from another system, you can bring your contacts with you. Or maybe you have another application that also has an Address Book. Whatever the situation, you can import your contact list from a text file using the Address Book's import feature.
Easily check the availability of staff using WhereRU, the built-in In-Out Board. Users can update their status at any time. Receptionists and administrators can update the status of any user. And there are options for automatically updating your status.
Message lists can be sorted by whatever column you like with just one click. Sort by date and time, caller, company, phone number, message status (eg. read, unread), etc.
Each user has their own individual Inbox. If you have users that need to access Inboxes of other users then an administrator can easily grant that access. This can be a handy feature for receptionists. A user who is out of the office can call in and ask for any messages. A receptionist can quickly access the user's Inbox and check for any new messages for them.
Built in to PhonePad is a full featured address book that can hold all details of your callers including Business and Home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. PhonePad can automatically create new contacts for you, as well as update existing ones.
If you're concerned about the security of your data then you can relax. Your PhonePad data is heavily encrypted using industrial strength data encryption algorhithms. Even if someone managed to get a copy of your PhonePad database they won't be able to access any of the data it contains.
Security is important. You can login to PhonePad using a variety of login options.
The status bar at the bottom of the main window not only shows helpful hints, it also enables you to quickly see the number of messages you have in your Inbox, and how many you have, and haven't, read.
If your company has functional areas, you can set up Groups for each of these areas. For example: Sales, Technical Support, Warehouse, or whatever makes sense for your business. When you log a phone message you can send it to the group so that everyone in that area receives it. As an example, if you get a sales enquiry you could send it to the Sales group so that one of the sales people can follow it up.
Unlike paper phone message pads where you can only give each phone message to one person, messages in PhonePad can be sent to as many people as you like.
It can be a pretty awkward moment if you accidentally call someone back at 2am in the morning. Instantly look up the time in the caller's location, wherever they are located in the world.
PhonePad can remember the details of previous callers for you, avoiding the need to re-enter the information when they call again. As you enter a caller's name, PhonePad checks to see if they exist in the Address Book and will fill in the rest of the details for you. It can also automatically update a caller's details when they change.
If you want to make sure that someone has read a message you sent to them, you can set the Receipt flag. You will be notified as soon as they have opened the message.
Forward phone or text messages to other users, or reply to messages you receive. You could forward a message to one or more other users and ask them to follow it up. Or you could reply to the person who logged the phone message for you and tell them it's for someone else. There are many reasons why you may need to forward a message on, or reply to the original "message taker". Whatever the reason, PhonePad has the functionality to do this.
Multiple messages can be opened simultaneously, allowing you to easily write and/or read a number of messages simultaneously. This can be really handy when you need to take another phone message before you have finished the first one.
It's pretty embarrassing when you send a message out with bad spelling. Make everything think you're a spelling guru by using the Spell Check before sending your messages Multiple dictionaries are supported.
Who wants plain old boring messages? Both phone and text messages support rich text formatting (different fonts, styles, colours and sizes), allowing you to emphasize important information.
PhonePad isn't limited to just phone messages. You can also send free form text messages (not SMS, although you can do that too). These are normally used for internal messages like "Hey Megan, the parcel you were expecting has arrived" and "Morning tea is ready everyone!". That last one is always a popular message to receive.
Messages have been designed to mimic the paper-based message pads, providing a more intuitive interface and making it easier for users to migrate from paper-based message pads. Users are already familiar with the paper style form and already know the layout, so there is minimal training needed.
PhonePad keeps a copy of all messages you have sent in your Sent folder. You can even tell if the person you sent a message to has read the message or not. Messages can be resent with the click of a button.
All of your messages are conveniently located in a central, easy-to-access location: your Inbox. You always know where to find your messages, so there's no more losing them. Icons and colour-coding provide instant recognition of message status. You can quickly tell which messages you have read, which ones are new, messages that are urgent and need your attention right away, and so on.
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With PhonePad 5 you can log and track all incoming and outgoing phone calls.
DOWNLOAD BUY NOW UPGRADE Log Incoming and Outgoing Calls
Personal, Public and Group Folders
System Rules
As an administrator System Rules allow you to apply system-wide settings that affect all users: application, security, message, follow up settings and many more.
Create reminders to make sure you don’t forget to follow up on messages and return phone calls.  Receive alerts when reminders are overdue.
Included with PhonePad 5 is Instant Chat, a simple instant messaging application that requires no setup.  Chat with users across your network.  Supports multiple simultaneous chats for each user.
Instant Messaging
User and Admin Guides
Included with PhonePad 5 is a User Guide and an Administrators Guide.  These cover everything you need to know about PhonePad 5. Available in PDF and ePub format, as well as CHM.
Live Help