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I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how well we like your program. It has proven to be very effective for our business. I have searched for some time for this type of program and again “PhonePad is great”. I also appreciate the emails on updates to the program. Keep up the good work. I certainly appreciate you. Mary Seiger Landmark Engineering
This program has been a blessing! Craig Abramson B-L Marketing
Simply put, I still love this program. Best thing to happen to this office in years! Thanks! Beverly Hall Harris Law
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate your support and service. I found PhonePad on an internet search after trying trial versions of a few other (much pricier) types of messaging software. PhonePad was by far the best product that we tried – and having the 60 trial version made it much easier to identify any problems or issues we had (which, by the way were quickly solved by your responsive staff!). Even a suggestion I made for a minor improvement to the software was done within a few days WHILE I WAS STILL IN MY TRIAL PERIOD. Wow. Talk about responsive service! Other companies have continued to send me offers and promotional information in the mail, but it all goes in the trash – I won’t switch from PhonePad now – you have a loyal customer here! Even with the time difference between the states and Australia, I found most of my questions were responded to by the end of the business day in which I submitted them. Our very busy office was overwhelmed with the paper slips – getting lost on desks, not being delivered the minute they were taken… PhonePad has allowed us to free up desk space and brain power – we no longer need to worry about double checking to see if the boss got the message – it’s right there on the computer! And no more pointing fingers over lost slips or overlooked messages – the application blinks and even provides a pop up message advising of new messages! Janet Henry First Commercial Real Estate Services, LLC  
I am emailing to you the follow up performance report of the phone pad experience I have had following your right hand of help with the need corrections for it to work. The performance has been all that I expected and needed. I am very, very pleased with the software and will and would recommend the software to any and everyone. Thank you and your company for the phone pad software. Sincerely, Brian S.
I would like to also add a couple other comments as to how useful we have found the program. Not only does it save me time from running office-to-office delivering messages, it also allows privacy for the business owners. Notes aren’t laying around for everyone to see plus if they are expecting an important call and someone is in their office I can forward them a PhonePad message without interrupting the meeting being transacted. The cost is extremely reasonable for such an outstanding program. Thank you once again for all your hard work. Mary Seiger Landmark Engineering
PhonePad is a product that should be on everybody's "must have" list. If you're going in a million directions and have a pile of traditional phone messages on your desk, you NEED this product. My messages are now where I can find them, add notes, mark for follow up, and archive them when they're complete. And when you're looking for a message from someone you've talked to in the past and have to search page after page of the duplicate message book, you'll very quickly realize that there is an added bonus in this software - the search feature. This is a gem of a product that I wish I found years ago. I also want to mention the great customer service from Steve, who answered my questions promptly and worked with me in getting our licensing details configured to our needs. Thank you Steve, it was a pleasure doing business with you and your company. Dan Zeloof Inner Security Systems, Inc
I can say undeniably that your company is one of the best groups I've been able to deal with in a very long time. So helpful and easy to deal with. You guys are great. Kathy Williams
We would like to express our appreciation to Steve of technical support for his nonstop effort in dealing with an issue we were experiencing with the email feature of PhonePad5. He was very responsive in a most professional and courteous manner to my request for support, both via email and telephone calls, until the issue was resolved.  We are very happy with the new PhonePad5 software and would definitely recommend your product.  You not only provide a useful tool for our office, but technical support we can depend on.  It is a pleasure doing business with you.  Terry Smith Law Office of Mary Piscatelli Brigham
We’ll let our wonderful customers speak for us by showing you a selection of comments we have received.
As a manager, I LOVE the Phonepad software! When we were not able to use it because of some network/server issues, I was lost. We do not use the program anywhere near its capacity. As a way to get messages to doctors and staff, and from clients to staff, I have found nothing better. If the message needs to be noted in a medical record, just copy and paste. From the management side, I can communicate with one staff member, a group of them or all of them at one time. Not only that, they can reply back to me or forward on. Now I have a written record that I can save into my own private folder.  What a time saver!! Melissa Tarpey Glenview Animal Hospital
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