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Protocol Test

If any of your workstations are having problems with auto-discovering the PhonePad 5 Server then download and run the Protocol Test programs to make sure the system is working correctly and not being blocked.
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Communications Check

While the Protocol Test applications check the auto-discovery system, the Communications Check programs test the ports used by PhonePad 5 for communication.
Using them is simple.  Run the Workstation program on a workstation and the Server program on your Server or Host PC.  Select Test 1 or Test 2 tab and click Start.
Just like the Protocol Test there are two programs for Communications Check: one for the server and another for your workstations. To run the test, simply click the Start Testing button on your Server or Host PC, and then click the Start Testing button on your workstation(s).  Once testing has been completed the results of the test will be displayed.

Remove PhonePad 5

If you have uninstalled PhonePad 5 Workstation and/or PhonePad 5 Server via Control Panel but need to completely remove all traces of it then download and use this program.

Server Scan

If you accidentally installed more than one PhonePad 5 Server on your network then you will get communication conflicts.  Download and run ServerScan to check how many PhonePad 5 Servers are on your network.
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