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The Fastest, Easiest and Most Effective Way to Log Phone Calls...That Also Saves You Time and Money
If you’re still using message pads, sticky notes, or scraps of paper then you are probably throwing money away!
For most businesses and organizations, the telephone is the main method of communicating  with customers and potential customers. And yet many are still using some form of paper message for logging these important phone calls. If you are one of these businesses then… …It Can Be Costing You Time. Or Money. Or Both! Here’s why. We call them ..
The 10 Perils of Phone Messages  Copyright © 2015 Cybercom Software. All rights reserved. 1. Chaos Theory 2. the Da vinci code 3. tHe puzzle 4. Guessing Game 5. Sticky situation 6. buried treasure 7. The Walk away 8. into the abyss 9. The fly away 10. disappearing act
1. Chaos Theory - Ever returned to your desk to find it plastered with phone messages? Finding important messages amongst all of that chaos can be a nightmare! 2. The Da Vinci Code - Trying to decrypt some people's hand writing can be a bit like solving a major mystery! 3. The Puzzle - Don't you hate it when a phone number is missing some digits? Hope you like puzzles! 4. Guessing Game - Missing details on a phone number turns it all into a guessing game! Who called, where are they from, what do they want? Yikes! 5. Sticky Situation - If you're using sticky notes for logging phone calls then they can get stuck to other things and - disappear! 6. Buried Treasure - Most paper phone messages are small so it's not hard for them to be buried on your desk, maybe not to be found until it's too late. 7. The Walk Away - Just like toilet paper stuck to your shoe, paper messages can wander off. 8. Into the Abyss - How many times has an important message disappeared into the dark abyss of the circular filing cabinet? Not yet? It will. 9. The Fly Away - A bit of a breeze and away it flies, that really important message you were waiting on. Hope it wasn't your stock broker! 10. Disappearing Act - Paper messages can end up in the oddest places. The bottom line is there are a number of ways paper phone messages can be costing you time and money: It takes time to write down all of the details of a call. Mistakes can be easily made writing down names and phone numbers. Some handwriting can be hard to read, making it a bit of a guessing game. Messages can easily be misplaced or lost. Important details can be missing. It's easy to forget to return phone calls. You can’t keep a history of phone calls. Add up the cost of message pads over an entire year or more. They're not cheap. Discover the Easy Way to Log Phone Calls That Virtually Pays for Itself Have you ever returned to your desk to find your computer screen plastered in sticky phone messages? Imagine how great it will be to have a clear computer screen, with all of your phone messages conveniently and neatly located in one central place. With this software, you can dramatically improve the way you handle phone calls: Log phone calls rapidly with almost no chance of error. Find any phone message fast. Keep a complete history of all phone conversations with your customers. Receive important phone messages, even when you’re not in the office. Never forget to return a phone call again. You only have to save one hour per user in the first week and it’s already paid for itself. It's more environmentally friendly! Discover Why Thousands of Businesses Are Already Using This Software… …for not only logging their phone calls quickly and easily, but also managing them much more effectively.
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Can You Afford Not to Be Using PhonePad? Think of how things are now, and how much better they’ll be once you start using PhonePad. Log incoming and outgoing phone messages much faster than you can now, with less chance of mistakes. Caller details are automatically filled in for you. Locate any phone message quickly and almost effortlessly. The comprehensive Address Book automatically stores your caller’s details for you. Intuitive design makes it easy to master quickly. We provide you with full support, which we have been doing for other businesses for almost 20 years. It pays for itself very quickly. Have your messages automatically forwarded to email and/or your cell phone when you’re out of the office, so you never miss those important calls*. Integrated spell checker checks your messages before you send them. Multiple message interface allows you to log and view several messages simultaneously. Set up groups so you can send a phone message to everyone in the groups. Your data is always safe thanks to password protection and your encrypted database. Access other users’ inboxes. Import your contacts from other systems. Various notification options let you know when you receive new phone messages. Undelete accidentally deleted messages. Print messages or export messages to PDF. Organize your messages into folders – they can be private or viewable by everyone. Follow up features remind you to return calls as well as keep a complete history of conversations. Caller ID - see who’s calling before you answer the phone. Keep a record of all calls received, even when you’re not there. Runs on any Windows network. It's more environmentally friendly! * Requires MessageSender So Here’s What You Get Download PhonePad now and you’ll get: The latest version of PhonePad 5. Instant Chat and Where RU. 12 months of free minor updates. A User Guide and Administrators Guide. Unlimited email support. We’ll even install it for you if you like at no cost. What’s Better Than a Money-Back Guarantee? Trying It For Free! After helping so many businesses like yours over the years we know that you’re going to absolutely love PhonePad, and that it will become an indispensable tool in your office. So that you can experience the many benefits without any risk whatsoever, we want you try PhonePad for free. We’ll give you a whole 2 months (60 days) to give PhonePad a good run. Don’t Waste Any More Time and Money Just think, in less than a couple of weeks from now you would have already recovered the purchase price in time you have saved, and you’re still in the trial period and haven't bought anything yet! Project those savings over a year, or two, and you’ll see that now really is the time to get PhonePad. And not only will PhonePad save you time and money, it will make your life a whole lot easier. Here’s What You Need to Do Right Now The longer you wait, the more it’s costing you by not replacing those pieces of paper with a much more efficient solution. The price of PhonePad is really cheap, especially when you consider the value and benefits you’re getting. In fact, we have been told many, many times that we’re not charging enough – and that comes from our customers! So don’t delay. Click the download button below, get PhonePad now, and start saving time and money. It’s Time to Throw Away the Message Pads, Stick Notes, and Bits of Paper - Forever! Find out for yourself why so many businesses and organizations, large and small, have been using PhonePad for years. Imagine how much easier it will be to log phone calls, not have to stress out about messages going missing, avoid messages with missing or incorrect information, being able to locate your messages much faster, and have the software pay for itself in less than a couple of weeks. It really is a no-brainer. Get PhonePad now risk-free. If you're ready to buy PhonePad then click the Buy Now button below. Otherwise, click the Download button to start your 60-day trial.
"PhonePad is a product that should be on everybody's "must have" list. If you're going in a million directions and have a pile of traditional phone messages on your desk, you NEED this product. My messages are now where I can find them, add notes, mark for follow up, and archive them when they're complete. And when you're looking for a message from someone you've talked to in the past and have to search page after page of the duplicate message book, you'll very quickly realize that there is an added bonus in this software - the search feature. This is a gem of a product that I wish I found years ago. I also want to mention the great customer service from Steve, who answered my questions promptly and worked with me in getting our licensing details configured to our needs. Thank you Steve, it was a pleasure doing business with you and your company." Dan Zeloof Inner Security Systems, Inc    
"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate your support and service. I found PhonePad on an internet search after trying trial versions of a few other (much pricier) types of messaging software. PhonePad was by far the best product that we tried – and having the 60 trial version made it much easier to identify any problems or issues we had (which, by the way were quickly solved by your responsive staff!). Even a suggestion I made for a minor improvement to the software was done within a few days WHILE I WAS STILL IN MY TRIAL PERIOD. Wow. Talk about responsive service! Other companies have continued to send me offers and promotional information in the mail, but it all goes in the trash – I won’t switch from PhonePad now – you have a loyal customer here! Our very busy office was overwhelmed with the paper slips – getting lost on desks, not being delivered the minute they were taken… PhonePad has allowed us to free up desk space and brain power – we no longer need to worry about double checking to see if the boss got the message – it’s right there on the computer! And no more pointing fingers over lost slips or overlooked messages – the application blinks and even provides a pop up message advising of new messages!" Janet Henry First Commercial Real Estate Services, LLC  
The Fastest, Easiest and Most Effective Way to Log Phone Calls...That Also Saves You Time and Money
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