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What’s New in PhonePad 5

New Message Lists

All message lists including the Inbox have been replaced with smoother scrolling, more responsive, easier-to-use lists.

Integrated Searching

Message lists now have a built-in search feature which means you can rapidly find the messages you’re looking for.

Outgoing Messages

With the ability to now log outgoing phone calls, along with incoming calls and the advanced follow up features, you can keep a complete history of all calls with your clients, patients, etc.

Multi-Tab Toolbar

The new multi-tab toolbar has buttons with larger icons to make them easy to identify.  Tabs are based on functionality so you will be able to quickly access the features you want.

Navigation Tree

The new navigation tree provides an easy way to access your PhonePad 5 folders: Inbox, Outgoing, Sent, Deleted, Personal, Public and Group. The Personal, Public and Group folders can be expanded and collapsed.

Caller Information

Select a message in your Inbox and the caller’s details will be displayed in the Caller Information panel.  You don’t even have to open the message.

Deleted Folder

At last, there is now a Deleted folder.  Instead of disappearing in the ether along with one of your missing socks, messages you delete wind up in this new folder.  Using the Undelete feature you can undelete any of these messages.  And if you forget to clear out this folder, the system automatically clears out any messages that have been deleted more than 14 days ago (this can be configured for up to 365 days).

Groups, Group Folders and Groups Messages

PhonePad 5 Administrators can create groups and add users to these groups.  Users who are members of a group can access the group’s folders and receive any messages addressed to the group.

Message Enhancements

Phone Numbers

The Phone field now has a drop-down list of phone numbers so you can select an alternative number.  You can also enter new numbers into this list and they will be saved in the Address Book.


PhonePad 5 administrators can set up categories that can then be assigned to new phone messages.

Follow Up By

Set a Follow Up By Date to a new message and all users who receive the message will automatically have their messages marked for follow up.  A reminder will also be created to remind them to follow it up.


The new Reference field can be used to enter any free form text you want to use.  For example, this could be a file number, a client number, a patient number, etc.  Any text entered in this field will be automatically available for future messages.  You can select it from the drop-down list or use the incremental search feature.


Messages can now have up to 5 attachments.  The red circle, or “badge”, indicates the number of attachments.


The new Reminders feature will help you to avoid forgetting to follow up phone messages.  Add reminders to any message.  You can even add multiple reminders to a message.

Message Preview

You can preview the details of a message before opening it by selecting it in your Inbox.

One App Does It All

Instead of an application for users and another for administrators, all admin functionality is built-in to PhonePad 5.  Administrators have access to the Admin and System Admin menus and tabs on the toolbar.
There are now two types of administrators: Managers and System Administrators.  Managers have access to the Admin options while System Administrators have access to everything.

User Management

PhonePad 5 has extensive user management capabilities
Add, edit and delete users. Give users access to other users’ folders. Give users specific access to the Address Book, eg. can or can’t print, can edit contacts or not, etc. View user logs and see when they login and when they logout. See what version of PhonePad users are using, which computer they’re logging in from, their IP Address, the version of Windows they’re using, and so on.
User accounts can be permanent or temporary with an expiry date.

Message Overview

Get an overview of all messages in your system.

Master View

This new feature is like a super-Inbox.  It shows all messages in all Inboxes so, as an administrator, you can monitor the progress of call logging and follow ups for all users.

Improved Reporting

The Reports interface has been improved and additional reports have been added.  There will be more reports added over the coming months.

Automatic Backups

We have been concerned about how many of our clients don’t perform regular backups.  There have been many cases where clients have lost all of their data due to hardware problems, system crashes and lightning strikes. While we can’t prevent those things from happening we can try to minimize the damage.  So we built an automatic backup system into PhonePad 5.

Centralized Preferences

User preferences are now stored in the PhonePad database instead of in the Windows registry.  This means that when users log in to other workstations their preferences will follow them.

System Rules

Administrators can now set up System Rules.  These are an extensive range of settings that are universally applied to all users.  For example, you can specify how users login to PhonePad 5.

Communication Settings

Communication Settings are system-wide settings that apply to all users and PhonePad applications.  You can specify Email, SMS and Pushover settings in one place.  
MessageSender 6 gets its settings from here so you don’t have to set it up separately.

System Notifications

These settings are used for various system and user notifications.  For example, if you have a lot of messages in your database then it may take a while to run a repair if the need arises (less likely with PhonePad 5).  Instead of watching paint dry you can get PhonePad 5 to send a message to your cell/mobile phone when the repair has been completed.
The notification options will be expanded in the coming months.  

Automated Software Updates

Installing a new version of software can be a chore on a network.  PhonePad 5 has an update feature built-in.  You can check at any time to see if there is an update available, which you can then download to your Server or Host PC.  Or you can set it up to install updates automatically as they become available. In either case, your workstations will be automatically updated.  No more walking around with a USB drive to update each workstation.

New High Performance Database Engine and Client/Server

PhonePad 5 features a new database engine that is not only faster and more robust, it introduces additional capabilities that will help us take PhonePad a lot further.  Dropping direct file access (Local Mode) and moving to client/server technology (previously known as Remote Mode) only has allowed us to introduce a lot more features, more automation, some smart functionality, and simplicity in setting PhonePad up.

Automatic Connection and Configuration

PhonePad 5 truly is a zero configuration system.  No more DBConnect.  No more configuring PhonePad to connect to a shared folder or a server.  Just install PhonePad 5 Server, install PhonePad 5 Workstation on each computer, and then run it. PhonePad 5 will automatically search for the server and establish a connection.  No Server IP Address to set.  And PhonePad 5 will find the server even if the IP Address changes or if you move the database to another Server or Host PC.
P5 P5 1 When PhonePad 5 starts it searches for any PhonePad 5 Servers on your network. PhonePad 5 Server responds with its connection information. 2 The workstation establishes a connection with the server. 3 P5 PhonePad 5 Database PhonePad 5 Server Workstations. DOWNLOAD BUY NOW

Instant Messaging

Included with PhonePad 5 is a new instant messaging application called Instant Chat.  It provides a simple instant messaging facility within your network.

Add Caller Button

PhonePad automatically adds new caller details (caller name, company, and phone numbers) when you take a message, but now you can add additional information within a message using the new Add Caller button.
Add address details and other phone numbers, and even their location on Google Maps. all from within a message.

Monitor Multiple Inboxes with Message Alert

The new Message Alert feature enables you to monitor multiple Inboxes at the same time for new messages. You can go straight to the user’s Inbox by clicking on their name.  Ideal for receptionists, personal assistants, groups and administators.

Send Text Messages

Now you can send quick text messages to a user’s or customer’s mobile device, directly from within PhonePad 5. Whether it’s a cell/mobile phone, tablet, or even an Apple Watch. You can even schedule a message to be sent to multiple users at a specific time. Messages can be sent via Pushover 1  or SMS 2 .
1  Requires you to open a free account with Pushover, and the Pushover app on each device. 2  Requires an account with a supported SMS Gateway, and a SIM card on the receiving device.

Data Migration Tool

For PhonePad 4 users upgrading to PhonePad 5, the Database Migrator will help you move all of your data over from PhonePad 4.

Comprehensive User Guides

PhonePad 5 includes two very useful manuals (in electronic format): the PhonePad 5 User Guide and the PhonePad 5 Administrator Guide. These two guides cover every aspect of installing, setting up, and using PhonePad 5.  Keep these by your side as you explore the many features PhonePad 5 offers, and to get the most out of your new software.  Admins will quickly learn how to use many of the handy and powerful administrative functions built-in to PhonePad 5. The guides are generally updated with every minor release. 


Ideal for the service industry, you can easily locate your customers’ addresses with the built-in map feature using Google Maps TM The map is stored in PhonePad 5’s Address Book, providing quick and easy access.  Print out a customer’s address and location on the map for service personnel to take with them.

Log in Remotely

If you have users that work from home or are on the road, they can login to PhonePad 5 remotely and use it the same as they would in the office. Improved in PhonePad 5, Remote Access is now easier to set up and doesn’t require any 3rd party accounts with redirection services. Access to remote login can be easily managed and controlled by PhonePad administrators.

12 Months of Free Updates

If that’s not enough reasons for you to upgrade, there are more features being added all the time. We regularly release updates containing new features.  When you upgrade to PhonePad 5 you get 12 months of free updates, which means that PhonePad 5 is being continually enhanced to improve productivity and same you time and money long after you purchase it.
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