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Our main support method is email as we find email much more efficient. It allows you to give us

an exact description of the problem you're having with PhonePad, we can send you precise

instructions on what you need to do, we can send you links to specific pages on our website that

will resolve your problem, and both sides can send screenshots and other attachments when


All emails to, and requests entered via the Support Portal, are

automatically logged into our help desk system which allows us to manage, filter, track and

organize all support requests. Real time reporting facilities are used to generate statistics and

quickly identify trends and problem areas.

You can check the status of a support request at any time by clicking on the special link included

in every support email.

Please note that, although we do have a phone number you can call, it is for sales enquiries

only. These calls are usually of a less technical nature and can generally be answered easily and

quickly over the phone.

We do not currently employ full time telephone support staff.  We will be introducing optional paid

support plans that include telephone support. 

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