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Developing software is a time consuming and expensive business. So that we can continue to

develop PhonePad and provide more frequent releases, we have introduced annual support plans.

When you purchase PhonePad 5 you also get a Standard Plan for 12 months. After that it reverts to

the free Basic Plan. You can continue with the Basic plan if you wish or you can renew your

Standard plan. 

You also have the option to upgrade to (or downgrade from) one of the other plans at any time.

Important: Your PhonePad 5 license is perpetual, which means it never expires.  If you decide not to renew your support plan PhonePad 5 will continue to work.  It is not dependant on having a current support plan.
We are in the process of introducing support plans for PhonePad 5.  The information on this page will be updated as we progress.

* Call and leave a message and we will call you back.

** You will be provided with a special phone number that you can talk to us on.

*** Except for the Basic Plan, the support plan renewal price is based on a percentage of the license cost.  So for a 5 user license of $97 the renewal price for the Standard Plan would approximately $29 after the first year. IMPORTANT: These prices may change at any time without notice.
Plan Feature Basic Plan Standard Plan VIP Plan Free Email Support Online Chat Support Minor Updates Major Updates Remote Support Sessions Telephone Callback  Support * Telephone Support ** Priority 24x7 Support Price *** FREE 30% 50% Charge per session (at our discretion) (at our discretion)
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