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Send text notifications without using an SMS network and without the charges. Send notifications to one device or multiple devices. Schedule notifications to be sent at a specific date and time. Send over 7000 notification messages per month free of charge. Works with iOS and Android devices.
The lastest release of TextMessenger is Version 1.0.0.
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When you run TextMessenger, it will take you step-by-step through configuring TextMessenger and setting up your free Pushover account. You get a 10 day free trial with TextMessenger and a 7 day free trial of the Pushover iOS and/or Android apps.
Pushover Notification Service Send text message from your computer Message received by Pushover Message sent to app on your mobile devices
Medical practices and specialists. Law firms. Real estate agencies. Equipment suppliers. Trades people. eg. Plumbers, Electricians. Insurance agencies. Landscapers, pool installers. Law Enforcement.
Salespeople. Couriers and freight companies. Security companies. Travelling business people. IT Services. Private Investigators. And many others...
Send text notification messages from your desktop to cell/mobile phones.

How Does it Work?

TextMessenger uses the amazing Pushover service to send your notification messages.
Send text notifications from your desktop computer or laptop without using your telecommunication provider’s SMS network. Set up reminder messages to be sent at a certain time. Send notification messages to any iOS and Android device that is connected to the Internet, even iPads and other tablets. Send the same notifications to multiple people at once. Keep a history of all notifications sent. From your desktop set the sound that is played on the receiving device to get their attention. Create Default settings to save you time. Save money by not using an SMS network. Experience fast and reliable text notification messages. Get new features as they are added on an ongoing basis. Receive free minor upgrades and free email support. Enjoy a 10 day free trial period.


With TextMessenger you can:
You can download TextMessenger and try it for free for 10 days. Buy TextMessenger now for just $37.00 (no limit on users).

Who Uses TextMessenger?

TextMessenger is ideal for businesses and organizations that regularly have staff out of the office, like:
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