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PhonePad 4.16 Has Been Released.

PhonePad Version 4.16 has been released and is now available for download.   This release has the following new features:

  • Caller ID – When the phone rings, PhonePad detects the caller’s phone number and displays it in a popup message.  But that’s not all.  If the caller is in the PhonePad Address Book, PhonePad will automatically look up and display the caller’s details.  So you will know exactly who’s calling before you even answer the phone.
  • Received Calls Log – Using Caller ID functionality, PhonePad will automatically keep a record of all received calls.  If you’re away from your phone, you can view a list of all missed calls, create a phone message, or even call them back.
  • Automatically Display New Messages – Set this option and messages will be automatically display as you receive them.
  • Move Follow Up Notes – Follow up notes can be moved to another message by editing the Message ID of the note.

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

  • Fixed issue with follow up notes sometimes being assigned to the wrong message.
  • Fixed issue with new messages sometimes not being displayed in the Inbox.
  • Minor fixes.

If you are a PhonePad client then you can download PhonePad from your online account.  Or you can download it from the PhonePad download page.

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  • We have version 4.07 of Phone Pad. Other than the Caller I.D. feature are there any other significient changes in the current version 4.16?

    Does the caller ID work on multi line cordless phones? And if so, where can I find some information on the feature?