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Helpdesk System Back Online

After almost a week without our helpdesk system since the upgrade, we’re please to announce that it’s back online due to an enormous amount of help from the vendor and our web hosting service (HostGator).   Unfortunately many emails that were in the Support email account have somehow been lost in the process, so if you have sent us any support emails in the last few days, could you please re-send them!

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  • I have a computer that when I select the phonePad icon it open the aplication without request the login, then the user can’t find her files. I aready delete the icon and create a new one but I still have the same problem.

    • If PhonePad is physically installed on that workstation, run DBConnect and check to make sure that the Local Database Directory setting is pointing to the PhonePad data folder.

      Also, check the Inbox filter setting to make sure it’s not filtering messages out. There is a blue colored bar with the title “Inbox” above the message list. On the right hand side of this bar it will display the active Inbox filter. Normally it would say “All Messages”, but it may be set to something else. You can change the filter by right-clicking on this bar (not the toolbar) and selecting the message filter from the drop-down menu.

      If neither of these solutions work, please email us at