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PhonePad Version 5.16.1 Has Been Released.

We are pleased to announce the release of PhonePad 5.16.1 Server Update, which is available for immediate download.

Changes and Fixes

  • ADDED – A Help toolbar has been added to provide toolbar access to Help menu features.
  • ADDED – The new What’s New window shows all of the changes that have been included in a newly installed version.  This window will be displayed the first time a user logs into PhonePad after an update.  It can also be selected from the Help menu.
  • ADDED – A new system rule has been added that enables system administrators to prevent any messages from being deleted.  Optionally, you can also stop Follow Up Notes from being deleted as well.
  • ADDED – A new system rule has been added that, when enabled, will mark a message as read whenever a user previews a message.
  • CHANGED – Dragging and dropping messages between folders now requires you to hold down the <alt> key after selecting the messages.  This was required to fix an issue with selecting messages.
  • UPDATED – Toolbar configuration option includes the new Help toolbar.
  • FIXED – If you had a message selected in the Inbox, scrolled the Inbox, then selected a different message, the Inbox would jump to a different selection.  This also fixes the problem with the selection jumping when sorting columns.
  • FIXED – The Dynamic Refresh option wasn’t working correctly for some users.
  • FIXED – Message counts were not updating in some cases.
  • FIXED – Information was not displaying correctly on the Caller Information and Message Preview panes.
  • FIXED – Error when adding users.
  • FIXED – Usernames with underscores were being replaced with #.
  • FIXED – When opening text messages, the caller information would disappear from the message list.
  • FIXED – When sending text messages to a user with a space in their name, it was generating a database error.
  • FIXED – When the Message Editing system rule is not active, phone messages weren’t displaying Caller information.
  • Various minor fixes and improvements.

Please note: Server Updates must be installed on your Server or Host PC, not your workstation (unless your workstation is also the Host PC) – they cannot be installed directly on your workstations.  Make sure all users are logged out of PhonePad as the PhonePad Server will be stopped during the update and then restarted once it has completed.  Workstations will be automatically updated when PhonePad 5 Workstation is started on each workstation.

Important: When downloading and installing an update from your My PhonePad account, make sure it’s actually the update and not the server setup program.  The update will update your database whereas the setup program will overwrite it with a blank database.

You can download the update from your My PhonePad account or by using the Application Update option on the System Admin menu in PhonePad 5.

These updates are available for both fully licensed users and trial users.

Please contact Support if you have any problems or questions.

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