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ServiceMonitor 5.1.0 is Now Available

We have just released ServiceMonitor Version 5.1.0.

What is ServiceMonitor?

It is a service that you can install on your Server or Host PC that monitors the PhonePad 5 Server service and the MessageSender 6 service.  If either of these services stop for some reason, ServiceMonitor will automatically restart them.

Why Would I Need It?

You probably don’t need it.  But we have encountered situations where something external to the PhonePad 5 system stops the services overnight and they have to be manually restarted.

At this stage we don’t know what is stopping the services.  It could be backup software or some other system process that is running that is causing some sort of conflict.  The server logs haven’t revealed anything.

If you find your PhonePad 5 Server (or MessageSender 6) stops running overnight and you have to restart it each morning,  install ServiceMonitor and it will keep your PhonePad 5 up and running.

How Do I Use It?

ServiceMonitor runs in the background as a Windows service.

Once you install ServiceMonitor on your Server or Host PC, the ServiceMonitor Control application will automatically start.


You may notice that it looks similar to the ControlCenter application.  It is and it works in pretty much the same way.  First you install the ServiceMonitor service, and then you start it.

Once you have done this, you can turn on service monitoring by clicking the Automatically restart services check box.  You can disable the monitoring at any time by unchecking the check box.

That’s it.


You can download it from here or from your My PhonePad Account.

This update is available for both fully licensed users and trial users.

Please contact Support if you have any problems or questions.


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