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Why Installing PhonePad 5 Workstation on Your Server is a Good Idea…..

If you have read through the Admin Guide you may have noticed that we recommend installing PhonePad 5 Workstation on your server.

There’s a good reason for that.

If you ever experience a connection problem when launching PhonePad 5 on your workstation, having PhonePad 5 Workstation on your server can help determine what is causing the problem.

  • If you are able to successfully run PhonePad 5 Workstation on the Server then you know that PhonePad 5 Server is working correctly. This means that the problem is being caused by something external to PhonePad, ie. something is blocking the connection between the workstation and the server.
  • If you are not able to launch PhonePad 5 Worktation on the Server then you know it’s a problem with PhonePad 5 Server, or at least the problem lies somewhere on the Server.

For information on what can cause connection problems, refer to this article:  Connection or Speed Issues


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