FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Have a question about PhonePad or MessageSender? Have a look through our Frequently Asked Questions. You may find the answer there.
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Do I need to have a network to use PhonePad?
As long as all of your computers connect to the Internet via the same modem/router, you should be able to use PhonePad.
Do I need to have a Server to use PhonePad 5?
No, you can select one of your workstations to be the Server. And the good news is you can still use it as a workstation too.
What is a Host PC?
When you don't have a Server on your network then you can select one of your workstations to act as a Server. We call this a Host PC as it will be hosting the PhonePad 5 Server service and PhonePad 5 database.
Which workstation should I use as a Host PC?
Here's what we recommend for a Host PC.

It should be the fastest and most powerful workstation you have, that also has the lightest workload.

The reason for this is that all of your users will be connecting to this computer so you don't want it bogged down with number crunching, graphics processing, or other performance intensive activities.

PhonePad can only be as fast as the Server or Host PC the PhonePad Server and database are located on.
Can I turn my Host PC off?
If you turn off your Host PC then others won't be able to connect to PhonePad, or they will lose their connection if they are already logged in.

You can lock your Host PC, or even log out, as long as you don't power it off.
How much does PhonePad cost?
PhonePad licences are based on the number of users, with licenses starting at 5 users. For more information please have a look at PhonePad Pricing.
Can I buy a 1 or 2 user license?
No sorry, licenses start at 5 users. This covers up to 5 users.
Can I try PhonePad before buying it?
Absolutely! You can download and try it for a whole 60 days for free. No payment required up front.
Is it possible to extend my trial period?
Sure, just email Support and ask for a trial extension.
Do I pay a monthly subscription for PhonePad?
No, when you purchase PhonePad it is a one-time fee that gives you a perpetual license.
Once I purchase PhonePad, how long will it take to receive my license?
You should receive your license by email within a few minutes of purchasing. If you don't please check your spam folder. If it's not there then please email support@cyberom-software.com.
Will I receive updates after purchasing PhonePad?
Yes, when you purchase PhonePad it includes a 12 month update plan. This entitles you to 12 months of free major and minor updates.
What happens if I don't renew my Update Plan?
PhonePad will continue to work. You just won't receive any free updates.
Will PhonePad stop working if I don't renew my Update Plan?
No, PhonePad will continue to work as you have a perpetual license, ie. your license does not expire. Renewing Update Plans is optional and won't affect your PhonePad license.
Do I need to license PhonePad on each workstation?
No. When you license PhonePad on one workstation, it licenses it on all workstations, so you only need to do it once.
I just installed PhonePad and it's prompting me for a username and password.
When you install PhonePad, it automatically creates an administrator account for you. Login using these details:

Username: Admin

Password: admin

Note: the password is case-sensitive.
Where do I install updates?
Updates are released in the form of Server Updates. They are installed on your Server. Your workstations will be automatically updated the next time someone logs into PhonePad on each workstation.
Do I install updates on each workstation?
No, updates should only be installed on your Server. Your PhonePad Server will take care of updating the workstations.
Do I need MessageSender?
If you want to use PhonePad's Automatic Message Forwarding feature then you will need to install MessageSender.
Do I need to install MessageSender on each workstation?
No, MessageSender only needs to be installed on your Server (or a Host PC if you don't have a server).
Do I need to purchase a MessageSender license for each user.
No, MessageSender is licensed by server so, unless you are installing it on multiple servers, you only need 1 license.

The Magic of Follow Ups

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Hello! Sparky here.
I hope you are enjoying your free 60-day trial of PhonePad. ToDo lists are a handy thing. Who doesn’t like ticking things off a list. Or maybe that’s just me. PhonePad has its own built-in ToDo list that can be used to manage work and personal tasks. It even has reminders so you remember to do things. And of course it integrates with PhonePad so you can use it for phone messages as well. In today’s video we will have a look at how you can use the ToDo list to keep on top of tasks.