How Does It Work?

In simple terms, let’s look at how PhonePad works.
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All you need to do is install the PhonePad Server software on your Server (or Host PC if you don’t have a Server), and the PhonePad Workstation software on each workstation.

No Configuration Necessary - Just Open PhonePad

Once you’ve done the installation, all you need to do is open PhonePad and login. PhonePad will automatically search for the PhonePad Server on your network and establish a connection.

What About Updates?

You don’t need to update every workstation individually, only your Server (or Host PC). Updates are released as server updates. Your PhonePad Server will take care of updating every workstation for you.

The Magic of Follow Ups

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Hello! Sparky here.
I hope you are enjoying your free 60-day trial of PhonePad. ToDo lists are a handy thing. Who doesn’t like ticking things off a list. Or maybe that’s just me. PhonePad has its own built-in ToDo list that can be used to manage work and personal tasks. It even has reminders so you remember to do things. And of course it integrates with PhonePad so you can use it for phone messages as well. In today’s video we will have a look at how you can use the ToDo list to keep on top of tasks.