Speed or Freezing Issues

Are you experiencing poor response times with PhonePad? Is it running slow or does it sometimes freeze? Let’s look at what can cause these things to happen.

Security Software (Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware)

The number one cause of speed issues and freezing is security software. A lot of security software features “real-time protection”. Real-time protection will scan a file every time it is accessed. While you will barely notice this happening when opening something like a Word document, you will very likely notice the effect it will have on a database-based system. This is because, unlike a normal document, the database engine may access the data files dozens of times per second. If each access is scanned by AV software, it will dramatically reduce the response time of the database and may even bring it to a complete stop (aka freezing). There are two ways around this: (a) exclude the application and data files from real-time protection, or (b) disable real-time protection completely. If possible, it would be preferable to exclude the files rather than disable real-time protection all together. These are the folders you should exclude: C:\PhonePad5 C:\PhonePad5Server C:\ProgramData\Cybercom Software\PhonePad5Server Please note: we are not talking about excluding PhonePad from your regular scheduled virus scans, just real-time protection.

Slow Server or Host PC

A slow Server or Host PC is not a good candidate for hosting your PhonePad 5 Server and database. PhonePad will only be as fast as your Server or Host PC allows. You should select a fast, powerful machine to host your PhonePad 5 Server and database as everyone in your office will be connecting to it. You don’t have to go overboard though by selecting a super-expensive computer.

Overloaded Server or Host PC

If your Server or Host PC is under-resourced and over-worked then this will slow down PhonePad. If you don’t have a server then we recommend selecting the fastest computer you have to be your Host PC, ie. the computer that hosts the PhonePad 5 Server software and database. When selecting a Host PC, don’t select a computer that is used for CPU and/or memory intensive tasks like number crunching, graphics processing or video editing.

Fragmented Hard Drive

It’s a good idea to keep your Server or Host PC’s hard-drive as de-fragmented as possible.
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PhonePad Connection Problems

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Check to Make Sure the PhonePad Server is


You will need to do this on your Server or Host PC. 1. Open the PhonePad 5 Server folder on the desktop. 2. Open the ControlCenter program. 3. Is the PhonePad 5 Server running? It should have a green circle next to it.

Does the Server or Host PC Have More Than One

IP Address?

You will need to do this on your Server or Host PC. 1. Open the PhonePad 5 Server folder on the desktop. 2. Open the ControlCenter program. 3. Select PhonePad Server. 4. Click the Settings button.
7. Select the correct IP Address for the Server or Host PC. 8. Click the Close button. 9. The Override IP Address field will display the IP Address you selected.
5. Click the Scan IP button. 6. If there is more than one IP Address on the Server, you will be presented with a list of addresses. For most computers there will be only one IP Address, but if you have more than one Network Interface Card installed then you may get more than one.
10. Click the OK button.

Restart the PhonePad 5 Server Service

You will need to do this on your Server or Host PC. 1. Open the PhonePad 5 Server folder on the desktop. 2. Open the ControlCenter program. 3. Select PhonePad Server. 4. Click the Stop button. 5. Click the Start button. 6. Try opening PhonePad again.

Is Auto-Discovery Enabled on Your Workstations?

You will need to do this on a workstation. 1. Using Windows Explorer/File Explorer, open this folder: C:\PhonePad5. 2. Locate and open WorkstationConfig. 3. Is Enable Auto-Discovery of your Server selected?

Windows Firewall

When PhonePad Server and PhonePad Workstation are installed, the correct ports are automatically opened in your Windows Firewall to allow communication across your network. If you want to make sure these ports are open, you can run the programs manually. On your Server or Host PC, run ServerFirewallRules. On each workstation, run PhonePad5FirewallRule. In both cases, a black window will be displayed briefly.
4. If it’s not selected then select it. 5. Click the Save button. 6. Try starting PhonePad again. 7. If it is selected then something may be blocking UDP communications on port 15350. 8. Select Disable Auto-Discovery of Server and enter the IP Address of the PhonePad 5 Server. 9. Click the Save button. 10. Try starting PhonePad again.

Can You Login to PhonePad on Your Server or Host


You will need to do this on your Server or Host PC. Hopefully you have followed our advice and installed the PhonePad workstation software on your Server (if you have a Host PC instead then you would almost definitely have it installed). This is always a good test. Are you able to run PhonePad, connect to the PhonePad 5 Server (located on the same computer), and login? If you can connect successfully from the Server or Host PC then, in the majority of cases, the communcation between other workstations and the Server (or Host PC) is being blocked.

Security Software

9 times out of 10 communication problems are caused by security software (in other words, anti-virus, anti- spyware, anti-malware, etc.). Most security software these days has its own firewall or some form of run-time protection. While some security software honors the Windows Firewall settings, many don’t. You may need to configure your security software to allow PhonePad5.exe, PhonePad5Run.exe and PhonePad5Server.exe to run. You may also need to open ports in the security software’s firewall. We can’t provide instructions for all security software as there are just too many products available, and their interfaces are frequently updated. We use Webroot Secure Anywhere. Here’s an example of configuring it to allow PhonePad to run:

Still Having Problems?

If you still can’t get the connection between PhonePad 5 Workstation and PhonePad 5 Server working, please contact Support so that we can help you resolve it.