Issue: Workstation Unable to Find Server

If any of your workstations are unable to find and connect to the PhonePad Server then something on the workstations or your network are blocking UDP on port 15350.
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Solution 1

Check your firewall to make sure that UDP messages are allowed on port 15350. If you have anti-virus installed then you may need to check its firewall as well. Also, check your router to make sure UDP messages are not being blocked.

Solution 2

This is a workaround to get you up and running.
1. Using Windows Explorer, go to C:\PhonePad5 on the workstation having the problem. 2. In this folder you should find a program called WorkstationConfig. 3. Open WorkstationConfig.
4. Select Disable Auto-Discovery of Server. 5. Enter the IP Address of the Server or Host PC. 6. Click the Save button.
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Hello! Sparky here.
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